Dental Clinic Products/Services

This is the largest of the three categories. It encompasses several specialty cares in dentistry. Some of them are;

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Oral and maxillofacial surgery services like simple and surgical teeth extraction, frenectomies, incision and drainage of facial abscess, intra and inter maxillary fixation, simple and complex teeth splinting.
Restorative dental services like, dental fillings, composite build up, root canal therapy, dental prosthesis (fix and removable). Dental ceramic, veneers and other advance services.
Periodontal care like prophylactic scaling and polishing, simple and surgical curettage, operculectomy.
Special and cosmetic dental care like cosmetic weight reduction, tooth whitening etc

Home/office dental care products

Home/office dental care products which are usually prophylactic and minimally invasive dental surgeries delivered under our mobile dental plan..

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Online services

Online services which include bookings and online dental consulting services.

Our products have been designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of the real and virtual market.
Our dental clinic products are for both the young, old, rich and poor members of the society.
Our home care products are for the busy and affluent who desire to be served at the comfort of their homes.
Our online/e-health platform are for the virtual market as well are the internet friendly consumers..

With the use of modern technology in our friendly environment our seasoned professionals are available to propose treatment modalities for all your dental needs...

Why do i Bleed when i Brush

This is called Bleeding Gum and is usually as a result of accumulation of plaque around the margins of the gum or vitamin deficiency.
Regular visit to the dental clinic for professional cleaning and the use of multivitamins can greatly improve the health of your gums.
When next you notice your gums bleeding especially while brushing, schedule a dental visit for check up and cleaning. Book Now

What do i do about my bad Breath

This is clinically known as Halitosis. Often it is from the oral region due to poor oral hygiene or tooth decay.
To prevent this, make sure you brush at least twice a day , use a tongue scrapper, and floss before going to bed, and make sure to take frequent sips of water during the day . A visit to the dental clinic is essential for assessment. Book Now