Self Helps

Toothache can be very discomforting especially when it occurs at an odd hour. You can reduce the effect of the ache by taking pain killers and also holding cold water on your mouth for a while. This will help reduce blood flow and the pressure transmitted as pain.
Gum pains
It usually respond to salt in warm water solution rinse. Take a leveled tea spoon of salt in a glass of warm water to gaggle gentle. Hold the solution in your mouth for a minute before spitting out. Repeat this continually until you exhaust the water in the glass. You can also take pain killers to reduce the ache.
For bleeding gums in Adult
Rinse with salt and warm water severally. Take a leveled tea spoon of table salt in a glass of warm water and use to rinse your mouth.
Bleeding gums in Children
Rinse with salt warm water solution and also give vitamin C
Painful sore Throat
This usually makes swallowing difficult. Use salt and warm water to gaggle regularly. Take pain killers and antibiotic.
Pains from Erupting Teeth
Use salt and warm water as well as pain killer and antibiotics to control.
Bad Breath
It has several causes. Brush morning and evenings. Take a sip of water regularly. Chew sugar free gum with good freshening smell.
Swelling resulting from Toothache
Never use hot water press. Instead use salt and warm water to rinse your mouth regularly and consult a dentist immediately.


1. Baby pacifiers can lead to malocclusion when used for too long.
2. Finger sucking can damage your children’s teeth and occlusion.
3. Antibiotics like tetracycline and minocycline should not be given to children under 13 years because they can lead to rusty brown permanently stained teeth.
4. Teeth with holes can be treated, filled and restored back to full function.
5. You can correct bent and scattered teeth without wearing braces.
N/B: All consult the services of a dentist immediately for adequate diagnosis and effective management. .